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This IPK will install the PyqPlayer application. Note that you'll need Python to run this application. If you're using a Sharp or Sharp-compatible ROM (not OpenZaurus or pdaXrom) then we recommend using the Python Zaurus Image below.

  • Coming soon!

You'll also need one or more of the following media players:

  • mplayer
  • madplay
  • mpg321

Python Zaurus Image

To run PyqPlayer you need to have a (relatively) complete Python Installation plus a few extra libraries such as SQLite support. This image contains the Python distribution you need in a form that doesn't require installing to precious internal memory. See Python Zaurus Image for a complete description as well as installation and usage instructions.

Note that there are two versions of the image ... you need only download the one most appropriate for your installation.

File Storage required Compatible memory
Download "read-only" Python Zaurus Image 9 MiB SD or internal memory only
Download "writable" Python Zaurus Image 48 MiB Any memory (CF, hard disk, SD, internal)

Python developers should see our Python Developers page for additional information on selecting an image.

Python Zaurus IPK

The Python Zaurus Image above doesn't contain the Python executable or the scripts to activate the image. To use the Python Zaurus Image you'll need to install this Python Zaurus IPK. See Python Zaurus Image for a complete description as well as installation and usage instructions.

File Storage required Compatible memory
Download Python Zaurus Executable 2 MiB internal memory only

SQLite3 Zaurus IPK

SQLite is an ultra-lightweight yet extremely powerful database engine. It's designed to be "embedded" which means that rather than running as a database server and handling requests from other programs, it actually becomes part of the program and lets the program access the database files directly. If that sounds complicated, don't worry ... all you need to know is that SQLite lets programs access SQLite database files.

This is SQLite 3.0.8 built for the Zaurus with standard Sharp or Sharp-based ROMs. The package includes the SQLite3 shared library, the sqlite3 database console application, and the development libraries and header file. This package will happily coexist with older SQLite packages, so you can safely install this even if you have apps that use the 2.x libraries.

Note: you must install this package to Internal Storage. However, you can delete /usr/local/lib/libsqlite3.a if you're not compiling apps on your Zaurus and that will save you about 1.7 MiB.

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